Desnudo Fitness: CODY XXV




How old are you and where are you from?
I’m thirty years old and I’m from Paris.
What is your heritage’s ethnic background ?
My mother is from Guinea-Bissau in Africa, she’s born in France and my father is from
What is your morning routine ?
Due to the pandemic I wake up everyday at nine, brush my teeth and do some abs. After
that take a shower, have some oatmeals, eat eggs and a banana.

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What you usually eat on an average day at work?
For lunch I eat ground beef with sweet potatoes and green beans. For dinner, chicken
breast with salad and rice.
What’s your favorite cheat day meal or snack ?
If I have to choose only one, it will probably be the four cheese Pizza; because I love Italian
Do you have a daily exercise regime ?
No, I don’t have one, I change often the way I train.

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How long do you usually work out for ?
Usually when gyms are open, I work out between one hour and a half. I train mostly my arms
at the beginning and then my legs and finish with abs.
Who do you look up for the most ?
I love and admire Chadwick Boseman. He’s passing really davasted me , he was such a
brilliant and talented artist.
When do you see yourself in five years ?
I’ll maybe move to another country, near to the sea. I love travelling and discovering new

Who is your biggest influence and why ?
I like to take inspiration from some black models, I would say that Tyson Beckford
has been one of my main influences. I love his self-confidence and I hope I’ll have his body
at his age.
What health advice you were ever given and would pass on to others ?
If I have one advice to give is to drink a lot of water, sleep a lot and create your own daily
The most important is to have fun

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