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Desnudo Fitness: DAVID CHRISTIAN

EXCULSIVE DESNUDO MAGAZINE FITNESS EDITORIAL STARRING David Christian PHOTOGRAPHED BY DIONTRAE JACKSON Welcome to Desnudo Fitness! How old are you, where are you from? Good! I’m a Florida boy, living in Miami. What is your heritage/ethnic background? I’m Colombian, Puerto Rican, & Peruvian. Mama bear is the Colombian one & pops is half Puerto Rican & Peruvian. […]

Desnudo Fitness: CODY XXV

EXCULSIVE DESNUDO MAGAZINE FITNESS EDITORIAL STARRING CODY XXV PHOTOGRAPHED BY ISSA TALL   How old are you and where are you from? I’m thirty years old and I’m from Paris. What is your heritage’s ethnic background ? My mother is from Guinea-Bissau in Africa, she’s born in France and my father is from Senegal. What […]